How To Enhance Child Development

The brain of a baby usually contains up to a hundred billion neurons at birth. Your child’s brain undergoes a lot of development during their first few years thus producing a million neurons each second. Your child’s brain development depends on some factors which include experiences, relationships, and environment. As a parent, you have to ensure your child starts their life on a strong note.  There are steps you can follow to achieve this.

Way of enhancing the development of brain in children

Breastfeed the baby


Breast milk is vital for your newborn in providing immunity as well as in developing the brain. The cholesterol in breast milk is useful in the development of your baby’s brain. Breastfeeding during the first weeks of the baby’s life will make your child gain motor skills and intelligence.

Quit smoking during pregnancy

To ensure your baby is physically healthy, you need to start before the baby is born. You should not smoke at all during pregnancy and also ensure that the unborn is not exposed to any secondhand smoke. Smoking will cause adverse outcomes to your baby. The chemicals in cigar can destroy the child’s brain since toxic brew will get into the bloodstream meaning your baby will get impure oxygen. Alterations in the child’s brain lead to low IQ and learning disorders.

Introduce music early

Introducing music to the life of your child early can help to improve their brain development. Music is known to promote cognitive health and leads to release of dopamine that spurs the motivation in your child to keep learning. It also makes studying fun as well as help you child grasp concepts better. Taking music lessons for young children makes a great difference in their brain development.


Exercise is important to children just as it is to every other person. Regular simple exercises are a good way to ensure better cognitive development in kids early. Exercise boosts the memory and improves your child’s learning ability. It also reduces the risk of any cognitive impairment at the later stages of life. Blood circulation to the brain is also enhanced which ensures that the functioning of the nerves and improving cognitive, psychological and physical health.

Read books to children

childevelopmentleftasfgdhfjkYou need to ensure that your kid starts reading books at a tender age. For this to be possible, you should read books to your child when they are still babies. Make it your duty to read stories to your child at bedtime. This way their brain develops since they recognize that you are reading from a source even if they do not see the source hence they build interest in book reading.

These simple ways can help you ensure that you child’s brain develops well and early in life.