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Dealing With Sugar Cravings

Moderate amounts of refined sugar are accepted for healthy diets. However consuming sugar in excess can affect your body parts negatively. Excess sugar intake is, in fact, a leading cause of many diseases like diabetes, obesity, liver damage, heart problems, depression, and gingivitis. Most people today find it difficult to overcome sugar cravings and are thus addicted to sugar.

Ways of beating sugar addiction

Take healthy snacks


This is a great way to stop your sugar cravings. You take healthy snacks whenever you have a craving instead of creamy doughnuts and ice creams. Sugar craving will make you eat unhealthy processed food, and this can be avoided by always having a healthy stock snacks handy. You can stock healthy vegetables and whole fruits like carrots and cucumber or even healthy popcorn to help you with this.

Hydrate the right way

Thirst may be confused with food cravings or hunger. So, whenever you feel an urge for a given food, take water and wait for a few minutes. Drinking water is good for tricking your brain to think that you ate. Sugar cravings are also a sign that the body is dehydrated so if your take little sips of water throughout the day to keep you hydrated. Avoid drinking sodas that are loaded with artificial sweeteners for quenching your thirst.


This is another key remedy for controlling your sugar cravings. Cinnamon is known to regulate your blood sugar level. Ceylon cinnamon especially is the best for controlling the blood sugar level as well as sugar cravings. Make a glass of cinnamon tea by from a few cinnamon sticks and drink once a day to overcome sugar cravings.


Glutamine is an amino acid that occurs naturally in the body and is used for sugar conversion to glucose. Supplements of this amino acid help in controlling your craving for sugar since deficiency of amino acid is a major cause of sugar cravings. You need these supplements as well as exercise to help overcome sugar addiction.

Get enough sleep

healthylifestylerightsdfghjDepriving yourself of sleep will increase the desire for high-calorie foods that are unhealthy and often loaded with sugar. Your desire for junk foods is linked to sleep deprivation directly. The more you deprive yourself of sleep, the more junk food you want. Hormones largely affect your appetite and sleep deprivation often cause hormonal fluctuation. This leads to poor regulation of your appetite and cravings for sugary, unhealthy foods.

These simple changes in your lifestyle can help you deal with cravings for sugar and go a long way in keeping you healthy.


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